Of Terrible Victory

List damning and horrible facts regarding a number of vast companies, e.g. Starbuck's, H&M, Wendy's, etc. This is your opening.

Then go into wanting to change, but having these facts stacked against you from the outset. Because simply to be a human being you have to partake in these abominable tragedies. You have to accept that the meals you wear and the clothes you consume like a dog are the flags of terrible victory, the emblems of defeat in far-off countries.

But love is not far off. Feel its weight sagging down in your gut, a stone you swallowed, taken abode in your stomach. Feel that shame fester like a welt, feel guilt like a throb, impounding ache, a guttural vengeance of the soul against what we have wrought.

I cannot sleep at night. I lie awake, dreaming of things free of this: Eden, without the swamps and snakes in the distance, no more Resurrections soon to come: No, I want it now. I want the gods be gone, if they mean we cannot love.

We are trying our best. But it is hardly enough. Change flourishing like grass in a bowl. Change a declaration no one hears. Change a lost epoch, squandered lives of bygone eras. The present sinks into the past, recedes in our minds. It can only go so long.




Starbuck's "illegally maintains its monopoly by barring other coffeehouses from prime downtown high-rises in Seattle and Bellevue through exclusive leases with property owners.” Its "long-term strategy has been to destroy its competition by in-filling downtown Seattle and Bellevue with Starbucks stores and sealing off that market."

Don't even get me started on H&M.

And finally, behold another bulwark against the dissolution of modern-day slavery: Wendy's.

Where is that vengeance inherent to the Universe? Where is the fire and flame that shall settle this for all? My soul like a candle whips but is not lost. I am ready for the eyes.