Throbbing Anthem

The coffee best with little dash of cream,

the sunlight best when it is but one beam

that pierces through the shadows and ignites

the all-embracing shadows of the Night.

The laughter best when it is marred by pain,

the freedom come for those who are ordained,

and in the confines of oblivion

is found the seed of man’s dominion.

The crown be salvaged from the wreck of ash,

the grin be loosened from the deep crevasse

of unyielding afflictions that enrich

the body that is dug out of the ditch.

The tooth dislodged and so the blood come forth;

the forest felled to sanctify a torch

to be held through the valleys of despair

out of whose gristly belly come un’snared

those souls that have endured and that have dared

defy the endless darkness that is theirs,

believing in a thing they cannot see,

believing in the summons of the Free.