Dawn Poems

Dawn poems of majesty; longings for God—

whatever I have written is for Her

and Her alone, be I abased, outlawed,

dejected by my Self, or deathly hurt.

Dawn poems, a series of softly-lit lines

which testify, in all their petty raw,

to the munificence of godly Light,

illuminating, as it does, my thoughts.

Dawn poems: I have been risen and been slain,

each day becoming penitence, but Hope,

that flaming Bird borne of the ashen rain,

daring to change itself into its Home.



after "Detachment is as the sun; in whatsoever heart it doth shine it quencheth the fire of covetousness and self. He whose sight is illumined with the light of understanding will assuredly detach himself from the world and the vanities thereof.”