Solitude II

“But I've really come to realize the kind of obvious thing which is that these are simply the most unburdened spaces in my life, the moments in which I have the greatest uninterrupted intimacy with my own mind, with my own experience. And there's nothing magical, at least not in the mystical sense, about that. It's just a kind of ordinary magic that's available to each of us just by default if only we made that deliberate choice to make room for it and to invite it in.”


Now, whether Solitude is crownèd praise

or but secret indulgence in the craft

of worshipping God’s handiwork, amazed

at what His unseen Hands have wrought to last,

it matters not, for these are but the same:

there is allegiance yet in every Path,

and God desires prayerful forays

into the realm of Future and of Past.

This forbids not the aesthete, nor the prude,

from channeling their energies somehow.

It only seeks to stay Time’s great abuse

of power and potential been endowed.

Therefore, good friend, elect not to refuse

to walk a Path at all—Nay, rather, proud

both of your heritage and of your use,

become most everything you’ve been allowed.