This Seeker's Pledge (of Moderation Met)

Love is a delicate practice,

an intricate balance


forever and ever,

a feather in the palm

on a treacherous, windy day,

a wildfire hardly born.

It has been said: “It is incumbent

upon you to do good between the two evils.”

On the one hand, flame,

the resilient candle blown

out, murdered, lost;

and on the other, vengeance

as a flood, as too much nourishment,

as yet, as in both cases,

any excess shall kill,

but dearth as I know it is heavy,

and my aloofness is concerning.

Thus, I seek to be a cloud

who faces the Sun;

to represent the fireplace.

I am pillar’d by destruction

and the desolate beginning,


like a cancer, and starvation.

I seek to Spring out of the Pass

unscathed, and delicate

is this process, this progression,

this pursuit of this and that,

of no death and all of It,

of ignorance and the impertinent resentment,

of Love borne of hatred and of fear.


East Vancouver