Nebulous & Fleeting

What if I were nebulous and fleeting,

gone, wise in my destruction,

lost unto the World?

I would evade Reason

but satisfy the Soul

with every worthy endeavour,


upon the Countenance of God.

I would delude no one, but all

in my embrace, like an enveloping cloud,

like a great rising wave of the ocean

whom doom has fated men

shall bear the brunt of

great importance,

though small, inconspicuous

as any gnat or twig

upon the ground, somehow

God's destined the Heights

to be had by the utterly worthless,

and for this reason, as a vine,

as a populated place, as a twinkling Light

out of the fragrant, colourless, wind-bound World of the Sky,

I emerge unfettered, broken,

eternal and sound, an urn

in whose belly is the Universe,

a face in whose Sorrow is the World.