The Fire of Separation

The great, swirling fire of separation

hath consumed me.

Now, the powder that remains,

O God,

I beg of Thee, transmute it

into the golden Light of the Phoenix,

the transcendent miracle of Life,

the liberation of the Skies,

and thereby reunite me

with Thyself,

that I may know no more

this impossible anguish,

taxing as it is

upon my powers and my praise

of Thine impenetrable Being.

Change me from ash to resurrected,

flight-bound Bird,

no more prone to descent

into the mesh of nether soils,

nor the trappings of such weak and

lowly flesh:

O God,

O my lofty mountain's Peak,

O my Nest in the Heavens and the Stars,

make safe my passage

from this, such flash and swirl of oblivion,

into everlasting Life

with Thee, of Thine.


en route to Addis Abeba