One in Light

To have created a thing of such

exultant physical beauty

as the body of a woman,

God is truly sculptor;

but also we are lured

into things by His decree,

by Her ordaining thus:

that we should love, and Love,

with body and heart, entirely

united in our Souls,

whilst the laughter escaping

like Music, like Spring,

serves to further this end,

this purpose for which I have been risen

from the cake and dross of the Earth,

in order that the Sun and the Moon

may become One in Light,

and I might find myself

at the door of flaming mercy,

calling to my Beloved

through the Sanctuary: Love;

and in the stronghold of my woman,

in the fortress of her gaze,

I shall be safe.


O. R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg