Clarity When

Well, I’ll know clarity when

I am not born of smoke

but of the flame—No, when I’m

the flame itself, all

woodwick & nightshaft

transcend’ today

to die too early

to know smoke. I will

outlive, outlast. I will burn

greater than the most

vibrant stars wrought of

the greatest holy sacred fire

shed for everything, those

martyrs in silence

I will sing anthems—


souls of the universe I will be all.


I will know clarity soon, before

such Time befalls, perhaps; I will know,

surpassing wood and smoke for nothing

and you will be born some day of

these rays as I am ashes at last.


I’ll flare and I’ll fade, hold bright & fast,

the gold beams of Logic lost in heat & task.


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Endless Writer © Ata Zargarof 2020

BC, Canada