I discovered a joy for writing essays in university. Of course, I've refrained from calling these "essays" for fear of putting off about 90% of my potential readers. Rest assured, they are basically articles. With them, I aim to dig a little deeper into the unexamined reality of things. This is because I firmly believe that our understanding dictates the scope and efficacy of our actions. Ignorance restricts the extent to which we can heal the world: problems that are inaccurately diagnosed will persist unresolved, no matter the remedy devised. For instance, if I'm unaware that I'm lactose intolerant, no amount of Pepto-Bismol will ultimately cure my indigestion. With a heightened understanding, on the other hand, we are more capable of providing durable solutions to the problems that afflict our age. If as a society we come to appreciate the importance of, say, education in undoing corruption, then we can finally begin working in the right direction.

     These articles are far from definitive. I don't have the answers; I just have smouldering questions. For this reason, I hope you will join me in my explorations. It will, after all, take a mighty and sustained collective effort to unravel the extraordinary mysteries of our time. 

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